When I first came to Yahya Christian School it was kind of
nerve-wrecking in the beginning, but after only a couple of
days being there, I felt like I was welcomed and everyone
was friendly — the students, the teachers and even other
staff members. I was able to make new friends easily and
it made me confident in going to school. I was always
afraid of going to a new school and having to meet new
people because they might not accept me the way I am,
but in Yahya I felt really welcomed!

The first week of attending high school in Yahya is to
experience MPLS (Masa Pengenalan Lingkungan
Sekolah). I personally think it is an excellent idea for the
school to come up with this experience especially for the
new students because this experience really help the new
students to wind down a little and get to know the school
and students before actually taking the classes. It
introduces the students to new people such as teachers,
classmates, the facilities, the curriculum and how the
school basically works. In the MPLS experience, there are
also workshops students attend to gain more knowledge
about schools around Indonesia and other kinds of
interesting workshops. My favourite part about MPLS has
got to be the games and interactions between old students
and new students. In only a few days in Yahya I got many
new friends already!

Yahya Christian School has a great environment for
students, we all bond easily like a family and everyone
here is really friendly and welcoming. Truly it is the best
environment of school I’ve ever been to so far!

– Anastha Divaldytha, Grade 10